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Is it ever ok to invite yourself to an event?

Hell yes…and no. Sometimes it’s ok to just rock up and pretend your invite got lost in the post, or your friends, colleagues, even family forgot to invite you. There are occasions where people won't explicitly invite you to something, but just assume you’ll be there.

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5 things all Event Planners hate hearing

Event Planners do a lot of stuff for other people, and spend most of their time listening to the needs and desires of others. They are so tuned in to their staff and attendees, they could basically run the whole show by themselves. The reality is of course they can’t, and need their staff, kind of like a mother, baby, midwife situation – they could do it by themselves, but it makes more sense to have the help of others.

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Low ‘n’ Slow Burleigh Barbeque Championship is a feast for meat lovers everywhere 30-31 Jul

Brrr! You don't need a weather app to tell you there's a chill in the air. But I have just the event to warm you up, the Burleigh BBQ Championship.

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Weird, wacky and wonderful events from around the world

There are some mighty strange events that happen around the world. I googled weird events and what came up was both shocking and funny.

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Emerging food trends for 2016/2017

Food is very much like fashion, very seasonal, one minute it’s hot, next it’s stone cold, even raw. However if you’re a foodie or someone who just loves dinning out it’s good to know what’s cooking in the kitchen.

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