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jo kane, events, event management, breeze events, conferences, incentives, exhibitions

The Breeze Events Team

Collectively, we offer an unrivalled combination of professional event management and live brand experience across a multitude of event types. Together, with the support of a dedicated in-house team of passionate and motivated individuals, plus our freelance counterparts, we deliver successful events that last long in the memory of our clients and their important guests.





jo kane, events, event management, breeze events, conferences, incentives, exhibitions

Jo Kane

Managing Director/Owner

“Has revolutionized event planning by understanding the obvious. Events are about people.”

With over 20 years experience in corporate events planning, conferences, festival, and special event management - and a Bachelor of Business Degree in Tourism - Jo understands that people want two things: creativity and care. They want their special event to be, well, special. It has to be different. They also want to know that every detail is taken care of. Jo’s care, creativity and fervent good humor, makes hosting a memorable event a breeze.

Jo Kane is known for her close, supportive relationships with highly professional caterers, printers, florists, technicians and entertainers in the area. And by keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends in events, Jo can ensure that every special occasion will reflect the best of the host.

Whether it is a celebration involving thousands of guests or a gathering of ten people, Jo focuses on creating an experience that is appropriate for the occasion, in sync with an agreed budget and – most importantly – completely unforgettable.

She loves events and is in fact ‘event mad’

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