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What’s trending, upcoming events and blogs: 5 free apps all event planners need for 2016, Five food vans and a wedding


There are free things in this newsletter. Five free apps that I do believe will change your life, whether you’re an event planner or not. They are just cool.

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Five food vans and a wedding

The food van revolution is back; actually it never really went away. I did a blog on food vans years ago, way back in 2013 (now that seems eons ago) and they were all the rage back then. 

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5 free apps all event planners need for 2016

Event planners are busy little bees, busy buzzing about from one event to the next and organising up a storm. They literally don’t have enough hands or enough help to do everything, and even if they did have enough help, the Event Manager would still insist on doing it themselves.

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May monthly madness with what's trending and up coming events

Hi Everyone

It's no joke – April is over!  May is nigh, and Breeze Events has a hearty scoop of know-how on a few event things. We've rustled up some handy information about the latest developments in events and some easy tips on how to become an Event Planner so you can stay one step ahead of the pack. 

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How to think like an Event Planner

To be an Event Planner takes a lot of multi-tasking of the brain. Event planners don’t think like everyone else, they have a tendency to think outside of the box, which makes them special to pull off such great events.

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