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Event planning: lucky door prizes

As I have mentioned many times, planning an event requires a lot of hard work, coordination and thick skin. And for all that hard work you need something in return. This comes in the form of attendee information. 

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Welcome to the future: digital swag bags

A traditional swag is a bag you take home after you’ve attended an event. Kind of like a party bag your seven year old gets after attending their friend’s birthday party.  However their goodie bag is filled with yummy stuff to remind them what a great time they had, while most event swag is filled with boring stuff you rummage through hoping for something good, or at the very least a packet of Mentos.

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Valentine’s Day: Best restaurants on the Gold Coast

The smile that cleanses my soul, the eyes that stop time with a single glance, the touch of love from his hands, I’ve been waiting for this day, this special time, all I can do is pray for you to be my Valentine.

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Breeze Events News

Welcome back!

If you want to stay up on what’s happening at Breeze Events and in the Events World not to mention some crazy, funny and delightful writing delivered to your inbox, look no further than Breeze Events.

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12 things that can and do go wrong at an outdoor event

If you’re hosting an event be warned…if something can go wrong there is a very good chance it will.

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